5 types of stainless steel plate surface treatment processes, how many do you know?

Do you know what the surface treatment processes of stainless steel plates are? Today I will introduce to you 5 commonly used methods.

  1. Water Plating :
    • Mainly for black color; note that 304 water plating colors are unstable, with a slight blue tint, especially noticeable on the mirror surface.
    • Treatment involves high-temperature fingerprint-free processing, but the surface may exhibit a brownish color.
    • Water Plating
  2. Electroplating – PVD Vacuum Plasma Electroplating :
    • Capable of plating gemstone blue, black, coffee, rainbow, zirconium gold, bronze, antique bronze, rose gold, champagne gold, and light green.
    • Electroplating - PVD Vacuum Plasma Electroplating
  3. Etching Series :
    • After etching, colors or shades can be added. Colored stainless steel etched plates are created through chemical methods to corrode various pattern designs on the surface.
    • Starting with 8K mirror panels or brushed panels, etching is applied, followed by additional processing such as local and wire drawing, gold inlay, and local titanium gold, achieving patterns with alternating brightness, and a colorful effect.
    • Available colors include titanium black, sky blue, titanium gold, gemstone blue, coffee, tea, purple, bronze, antique bronze, champagne gold, rose gold, purple-red, titanium white, emerald green, and green, suitable for applications in high-end locations like star hotels, KTV, large shopping malls, and entertainment venues.
    • Etching Series
  4. Embossing Series :
    • Stainless steel embossed plates are created by mechanical processing on stainless steel sheets, forming a relief pattern on the surface, also known as stainless steel pattern plates.
    • Patterns include bamboo, ice bamboo, diamond, small squares, pearl grain (bead pattern), diagonal stripes, butterfly and flower pattern, chrysanthemum pattern, cube, free pattern, egg pattern, stone pattern, panda pattern, and antique grid pattern. These embossed plates have a strong and bright appearance, higher surface hardness, wear resistance, easy cleaning, maintenance-free, impact resistance, pressure resistance, scratch resistance, and no fingerprints. Mainly used in stainless steel series for architectural decoration, elevator decoration, industrial decoration, facility decoration, and kitchenware.
    • Embossing Series
  5. Sandblasting :
    • After sandblasting, coloring can be applied, but there may be color differences compared to regular coloring due to the use of diamond sand particles.
    • Colored stainless steel sandblasted plates are processed using zirconium bead particles through mechanical equipment on the surface of stainless steel plates, creating a fine-grained sand surface for a unique decorative effect. Used primarily in stainless steel series products for architectural decoration, elevator decoration, industrial decoration, and facility decoration.
    • Sandblasting
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