Automation of die casting machine with robot

Die casting refers to a casting process in which the mold is filled with molten alloy under high pressure and speed condition and the alloy finally solidify under high pressure to form a die.

With the lack of technical personnel and the increasing cost of personnel, it is very helpful for a factory to improve the efficiency of a fully automatic and robot system in die casting and machining system.

Our factory was equipped with a fully automatic aluminum alloy liquid feeder, a die-casting robot arm, and an automatic mold release agent spray device five years ago. Three robot arms that can pick up die casting parts from the tool, spray and cooling the mold for die casting machine, feed liquid into the mould, and a control system of the robot.

Now in our factory, during the die casting process, we use auxiliary automation machines to cooperate with the die casting machine to complete the tasks namely having soup picking and spraying Improving the automatic and intelligent level of the die casting. The use of auxiliary machines is important to improve the efficiency of die casting production, reduce the labor intensity, and stabilize casting quality.

Today, let’s take a look at how this automatic mechanical assembly line system works from the back of the die casting machine. Click the link to see the video on LinkedIn.
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