Beside X-ray checking & metallographic analysis, how do we check porosity of the die casting parts

Porosity cause a lot of problems, like leakage of air or oil, weaken the strength of the parts, etc. Many ways to provent porosity happen in die casting process, mould design is the most efficient way, runner shape, size, sprue, venting position. And later we will record other videos about the closing time, shot speed, operator is also very important. We also use mould flow analysis system to simulate the path of liquid flow, and temperature. Usually, such problem will be find after machining.

Beside X-ray checking and metallographic analysis, we use machining and cutting to check the inner porosity of the aluminum die casting parts. It’s very direct, we can check by our eye-sight. But it will demage the parts by cutting, so we just randomly cut few pieces to double check the issue. So any problem happens, we will know first and solve it. The problem parts never goes to our customer.

That’s why we seldom have complain from clients in last 10years.πŸ™‚

Please check the video by clicking the below picture.


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Ningbo Beilun Yontone Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd. ( short for β€œYontone”) is an one-stop solution supplier for mould making, die casting, gravity casting, lost wax casting, sand casting, low pressure casting and machining. Follow us, we will keep posting the manufacturing process on our channel.

Yontone export to United States, Germany, Japan, Italy, France, Spain, New Zealand, Canada, etc. We are EXPERT!!! Solve your problem, save your cost, enlarge your market share with good products.

Below are our business scope:

  • 1. Mould
  • 2. Die casting, material: aluminum, zinc zamak and brass.
  • 3. Casting, material: aluminum, iron, steel, and brass.
  • 4. Machining, material: aluminum, iron, steel, brass, copper, etc.
  • 5. Surface treatment, outsourcing: polishing, chrome coating, anodizing, powder coating, nickle plating, electrophesis.
  • 6. Others….. if our clients need our assistant, we will fully support.

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