CNC Machining Service – Hydraulic Parts Hydrualic parts made by CNC machining.

CNC machining is used as a separate production method, using aluminum extrusion billet or iron bars, and blocks as raw materials, with turning and milling, drilling, tapping, Wire cutting, EDM, and other auxiliary processing methods.

CNC machining can also be used as a post-processing method for die-casting or casting products. Machining the dimensions that meet the tolerance requirements in the areas that need to be assembled or have sealing requirements, and finally can be assembled into products.

The material shown in the picture is 45C steel. Hydraulic cylinder parts machined finished products. Includes inner piston, piston, clevis fastener, and piston rod rings. We can also make piston rods, honed cylinder tubes, and chrome-coating piston rods.

Yontone has been engaged in the processing field for 14 years, no matter of the accuracy of the product, the appearance of the product, the packaging of the product, the service of customer service, the speed of delivery, the fluency of communication, and the price of the product, we have all been widely recognized by customers.
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The requirements for precision of hydraulic accessories will be higher than other processed products, because the oil sealing requirements of hydraulic accessories will involve the cooperation with the sealing ring and the wear and tear of hydraulic inner cylinder.

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