Die Casting Mold Cavity

1. What is a high pressure die casting (HPDC) mold?

A die-casting die is a tool for casting metal parts, a tool that completes the die-casting process on a dedicated die-casting die forging machine. The basic process of die casting is: the molten metal is first cast at low speed or high speed and filled into the cavity of the mold. The mold has a movable cavity surface. Loose defects also make the internal structure of the blank reach the broken grains in the forged state. The comprehensive mechanical properties of the blank are significantly improved.

2. Die casting mold classification.

Die-casting molds are further divided into hot chamber die-casting molds and cold chamber die-casting molds.

a. Hot chamber die casting mold

Hot chamber die-casting molds refer to the molds used, which are usually zinc alloy molds. Because zinc alloys need to be die-cast with a hot-chamber die-casting machine. Therefore, the structural runner and feed port of the zinc alloy die-casting mold will be different from those of the cold-chamber die-casting machine mold.

b. Cold chamber die casting mold

Cold chamber die-casting and molds mainly refer to aluminum alloy die-casting molds, copper alloy die-casting molds, and magnesium alloy die-casting molds. They also use cold chamber die casting machines. However, because the melting point and shrinkage rate of aluminum alloy, copper alloy and magnesium alloy are different, so when designing the mold, the parameters also vary.

3. The material for making the die casting mold.

a. material for the mold cavity

The most used material for die-casting molds cavity is H13 (There is a normal version and an advanced h13.), which is more cost-effective, so it is widely used. Secondly, there is 3Cr2W8V, which is often used to make cold chamber die casting molds. Others include SKD61, which is relatively expensive and is often used to make molds with high requirements and large orders. DIEVAR, the latest development in tool steels, has the highest possible ductility, toughness and red hardness. It is most suitable for aluminum and copper die-casting, and the specific selection depends on customer requirements (budget cost of molds and product demand and quality) and design methods. Other materials like: DAC、DH-31、8407、8418、3Cr2W8V、4Cr5MoSiV、1.2344、H11, QRO90S, W302, etc. According to the needs of customers, we can all purchase and use.

b. material for the mould frame

Most of the mold frames are cast steel, ductile iron, medium carbon steel, etc. For example QT550, QT600, S50C.die casting mould making workshop

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