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Introduce all the CNC machines, die-casting machines, and quality-checking machines that Yontone utilizes.

Mould Making Equipments

The equipment used for manufacturing die casting mold includes milling machines, drilling machines, lathes, grinding machines, wire EDM machines, and electrical discharge machining (EDM) machines. The combination and utilization of these machines enable Yontone to achieve comprehensive processing of die casting mold components, ensuring that the products meet design specifications and quality standards.

Here is a brief overview:

CNC planer milling machine
CNC Planer Milling Machine

Yontone uses CNC Planer Milling Machines to mill the mold steel of the mold frame and mold matrix on both the exterior and interior surfaces. This process aims to achieve the dimensions, flatness, and precision specified in the blueprint for the mold frame and mold cavity.

CNC Machining Center for mould milling
CNC Machining Center for Mould Milling

Yontone utilizes CNC Machining Centers to mill the central area of the mold frame where the mold core is positioned. Simultaneously, performing rough and finish milling on the mold core to shape the exterior of the product. The majority of the mold machining process is accomplished through CNC Milling Machines.

EDM machine
EDM Machine

Yontone primarily employs EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) machines for processing intricate features in die casting molds, especially in areas with irregular shapes, no radii, and extremely deep or fine details that cannot be efficiently machined using CNC machining centers.

WEDM Machine

Yontone utilizes WEDM (Wire Electrical Discharge Machining) machines to process various shapes and features in die casting mold components, including grooves, ejection pin holes, slots, chamfers, and more. The primary focus is on perforation processes.

radial drill
Radial Drilling Machine

Yontone employs radial drilling tools in mold production to machine various types of holes, including through-holes, blind holes, counterbore holes, threaded holes, holes for die casting mold cooling water pipes, and lead holes for WEDM processes.

Hydraulic Die Spotting Press
Mold Clamping Machine

Yontone utilizes a mold clamping machine to close the parting surfaces of the upper and lower molds in the mold assembly process. It employs hydraulic or pneumatic pressure to bring the mold’s parting surfaces together, creating the mold cavity. Precision control of the mold cavity is achieved by adjusting pressure, clamping speed, and other parameters.

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Die Casting Equipments

Die-casting workshop is equipped with cold chamber die-casting machines, hot chamber die-casting machines, as well as shot blasting machines, polishing machines, and other equipment.

Yontone is dedicated to delivering high-quality die-casting services to both domestic and international clients.

Below are the die casting machines:

  • cold chamber aluminum die casting machine
    Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine

    Die casting is capable of efficiently producing large quantities of products. Cold chamber die casting machines are suitable for casting products in aluminum, brass, and magnesium. They are primarily used in the production of castings for industries such as automotive, electronics, household appliances, and instrumentation.

    Yontone offers cold chamber die casting services ranging from 280 tons to 2000 tons.

  • hot chamber die casting machine
    Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine

    Hot chamber die casting machines are the ideal choice for zinc alloy die casting. Zinc alloy die castings exhibit excellent mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, and processability, making them widely used in industries such as automotive, electronics, household appliances, and instrumentation.

    Yontone provides die casting services using hot chamber die casting machines ranging from 88 tons to 400 tons.

  • shot sand blasting machine
    Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine

    In addition to removing gates and deburring, Yontone employs a hanging shot blasting machine to perform surface cleaning on aluminum alloy die-castings and zinc alloy die-castings. This process removes oxidation, rust, and other surface imperfections, while also giving the workpiece surface a sophisticated matte texture, akin to sandblasting.

CNC Machining Equipments

CNC Machining Equipment primarily involves the precision processing of metal materials or cast metal blanks into components with dimensions specified in the drawings, utilizing computer-controlled machine tools. This process meets the requirements for assembly and integration.

Yontone offers turning, milling, and turning-milling composite machining services.

The materials that can be processed include aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, copper alloy, iron, steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy, and ductile iron, among others.

Below are the machining facilities:

  • cnc machining center

    CNC Machining Centers are capable of performing various machining operations on workpieces, including milling, drilling, tapping, boring, cutting, and more.

    Yontone provides high-precision machining services for metal components such as iron castings, aluminum die castings, brass castings, steel castings, zinc die castings, etc.

    The products find applications in industries like automotive, aerospace, aviation, mold making, mechanical manufacturing, and others.

  • cnc lathe

    CNC lathes can perform various circular machining operations on workpieces, including turning, drilling, tapping, boring, and machining external circles and internal holes.

    Yontone offers high-precision turning services for different metal materials, aluminum turning parts, zinc turning parts, brass turned components, and iron steel lathe parts, and the products are applied in industries such as new energy, electronics, medical equipment, electric tool manufacturing, and more.

  • CNC turning milling combo center
    CNC Turning-Milling Combo Center

    CNC turning and milling composite centers are CNC machine tools that combine the functions of a lathe and a milling machine. They can achieve turning and milling operations on workpieces, improving production efficiency and machining precision.

    Yontone offers precision turning and milling composite processing for various complex-shaped metal components, including iron, steel, aluminum, brass, zinc, and ductile iron parts.

    The products are primarily used in industries such as power tools, lighting, furniture, agricultural machinery, medical equipment, and electric tools.

Quality Control Equipments

Inspection machines primarily refer to inspecting parameters such as product dimensions, appearance, roughness, etc., that may impact subsequent processes.

Yontone, based on the final purpose of the customer’s product and the requirements outlined in the drawings, provides inspection reports including CMM inspection, two-dimensional inspection, hardness inspection, and other relevant assessments.

Below are some of the QC equipments:

  • CMM checking machine

    “CMM” (Coordinate Measuring Machine), is a device used for measuring the three-dimensional geometry and dimensions of workpieces, with precision reaching the micron level.

    Yontone utilizes CMM to measure the shape and dimensions of products, ensuring they meet design specifications and quality standards.

  • Quadratic element measure
    Two-dimensional Measuring Instrument

    The 2D measuring instrument is employed for measuring and assessing the form and positional tolerances of the measured elements. This includes parameters positional tolerance, concentricity, straightness, profile, roundness, and dimensions related to the reference.

    Yontone utilizes 2D measuring instruments to measure dimensions and angles of critical components such as calipers and angle gauges, which are challenging to measure but play a crucial role in assembly.

  • roughness meter
    Roughness Meter

    Machining roughness refers to the microscopic geometric features on the surface of a machined part, consisting of small intervals and tiny peaks and valleys. A roughness gauge is an instrument used to measure the surface roughness of a workpiece.

    Yontone employs it to measure parameters such as peak-to-valley height, average roughness, maximum roughness, etc., on the surface.

  • I am delighted to share my experience with Yontone’s products. Their unwavering commitment to quality control ensures that we consistently receive high-quality items, making assembly seamless and efficient. I am continually impressed by the attention to detail and superior craftsmanship evident in every product. Yontone’s dedication to excellence has earned my complete trust in their exceptional range of products.

    -- Brian Anderson
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