How to make a die casting mould? Aluminum, zamak, brass, megnesium die casting mould

Click the below picture you will see the mould-making process and step-by-step explanation.

zinc die casting mold making manufacturer

Today we are going to have a die-casting mold workshop tour. Click the picture below you will see the die-casting mould-making workshop.

No matter how complicated the mold is, in general, the process flow of mold manufacturing is basically:

Drawing review → material preparation → processing → mold base processing → mold core processing → electrode processing → mold parts processing → inspection → assembly → flying mold → test mold → production

1. Mold base processing


A/B board processing

Panel processing

Thimble fixing plate processing

Bottom plate processing

2. Mold core processing


coarse grinding

Milling machine processing

Fitter processing

CNC roughing machining

Heat treatment

fine grinding

CNC finishing


Wire cutting (slow wire) WEDM

Mould spotting

3. Mold parts processing

Slider processing

Compression block processing

Shunt cone sprue bushing processing

Insert processing

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