LED Street Light Housing

Aluminum High Pressure Die Casting

In addition to making molds, we also make all kinds of die casting parts, cast parts, CNC machined parts, and provide a number of optional surface treatments.

We have strict quality management, providing Full-size CMM reports, material content certifications, hardness reports, Metallographic analysis reports, X-ray reports, PPAPs, and weekly reports.
If needed, 3rd-party QC to guarantee the quality.

Street Light Housing

In the picture is the LED street light housing we produce for our customers. Now the more mainstream LED street lights are produced through the aluminum alloy die-casting process. Because of the different heights used for street lights the width of the road and the number of lanes, different sizes of street lights are required. These parameters must be calculated by professional lighting designers. Then the size of the aluminum alloy die-casting street lamp housing is also different. Relatively small street lamp housings, some are used on the path from the gate of the home yard, 30 cm and 40 cm are very common. On some elevated roads with 3 lanes and 4 lanes, or even 5 lanes and 6 lanes, the large LED aluminum alloy die-casting street lamp housings we use are even more than one meter. For different sizes of LED die-casting street light housings, we need to use different sizes of aluminum die-casting machines for production, usually from a 280-ton aluminum alloy cold chamber die-casting machine to a 1600-ton large aluminum alloy die-casting cold chamber die-casting machine for production.

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Die Casting Mold

Different sizes of aluminum alloy led street lamp housings need to be produced with different sizes of die-casting molds.

We are a professional designer, and manufacturer of street lamp shell molds. Usually, we will analyze the mold flow after designing the mold shape.

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