Packing and Shipping

Below are the packaging, delivery, and shipping terms.

Packaging Options

We offer three packaging options to suit your needs.

The first option is cardboard packaging, providing reliable protection for your products.

The second option is reinforced cardboard packaging placed on a pallet, topped with a wooden cover plate for added strength.

Lastly, we also offer the option of wooden box packaging for maximum durability and protection during transportation.


carton box

For lightweight die casting products such as aluminum, zinc alloy, magnesium alloy, etc., Yontone adopts export-grade, neutrally cushioned, high-strength cardboard boxes for packaging.

carton box + wooden pallet

In countries where labor costs are relatively high, Yontone adds a recycled wooden pallet underneath the cardboard box, reinforcing it with stretch film and strapping. This facilitates direct unloading using a forklift by the customer.

wooden box

For products like castings parts, iron castings, steel castings, and ductile iron castings, which are heavy and large in volume, and not suitable for safe packaging with cardboard boxes, Yontone utilizes fully wooden crates for packaging.

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Transportation Options

  • Shipping options include: sea freight, air freight, and express delivery to cater to your needs.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the shipping process, rest assured that we can handle everything on your behalf.

Simply await your order at the port and take care of the customs duty.


  • Shipping Terms: FOB, EXW, CIF, CNF, DDU, DDP. We offer flexible options to meet our customers’ shipping needs.
  • boat by sea
    By Sea

    Yontone is located near the Ningbo Port, providing convenient maritime shipping. With cost-effective sea freight, typically taking around one month for maritime transportation, and approximately one week for customs clearance at the destination port. Therefore, the overall transit time from shipping to receiving the goods is estimated to be around 40 days.

  • by air
    By Air

    Yontone’s factory is situated near Shanghai Airport, ensuring convenient air freight options. Air shipments typically take 3-5 days to reach the destination port, with an additional 3 days for customs clearance. As a result, customers can generally expect to receive their goods within approximately one week. However, it’s important to note that air freight is associated with higher costs.

  • by express
    By Express

    Express delivery is the most expedited option, albeit the most expensive, as it provides door-to-door service. According to customer preferences, Yontone can arrange shipments using carriers such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, or EMS. Typically take 3-7 Days.

  • Yontone delivers orders on time, ensuring timely shipments without any delays. We are highly satisfied with their responsive communication, prompt delivery, and consistent quality assurance.

    -- Steven Mitchell
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