Swivel Office Chair Bases Manufacturer

1. Swivel Chair Base Manufacture Way:

There are usually three methods to make Swivel Office Chair Bases:

  • aluminum alloy die casting Chair base:
    • Aluminum die-casting Swivel Office Chair Base is produced by high pressure cold chamber die-casting machine inject aluminum liquid into a die-casting mold, which the mold cavity is the chair base shape, and its material is an aluminum ingot.
  • iron stamping welding Chair base:
    • Iron or steel Swivel Office Chair Base are produced by hydraulic presses. The material used is steel plate or iron plate, and the product is formed by stamping and stretching. Then through welding, soldering the screw holes to the body of the chair base, these screw holes will be used to connect with casters.
  • nylon injection Chair base:
    • Nylon Swivel Office Chair Base are made by converting nylon particles into liquid through a plastic injection molding machine, then injecting them into a nylon plastic mold, and finally cooling and forming.
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2. Aluminum Swivel Office Chair Base, Steel Swivel Office Chair Base,Nylon Office Swivel Chair Base, compare.

ways to produce weight price load bearing shape
Aluminum Swivel Office Chair Base Aluminum Die Casting Heavy Expensive Best Any
Steel Swivel Office Chair Base Stamping, Drawing & Welding Light Medium Normal Simple
Nylon Swivel Office Chair Base Nylon Ejection Light Cheap Normal Any

To summarize, the advantages and disadvantages of the three-piece swivel office chair base.

Aluminum alloy die-casting swivel office chair base

  • After comparison, we can see that the aluminum alloy die-casting swivel office chair base, has the heaviest weight, the highest price, the best bearing capacity, and the shape can be designed according to customer needs.
  • The disadvantage is that it is expensive.
  • The advantage is that advanced appearance and good load-bearing capacity. For those who are heavier and pay more attention to taste, they can choose the swivel office seat base of aluminum alloy die-casting.

The steel swivel office chair base

  • The steel swivel office chair base is cheap, weight is light, and the shape can only be simple and too complicated to do.
  • The disadvantage is the poor momentary pressure capacity, because the steel swivel office chair base, 5 chair legs are welded to the main body by welding.
  • The advantage is that it is lightweight and cheap.

Nylon injection molded swivel office seat base.

  • Nylon injection molded swivel office seat base. The price is cheap, the weight is light, the load-bearing is general, and the shape can be arbitrarily designed.
  • The disadvantage is the extreme load-bearing not as good as the aluminum alloy seat.
  • The advantage is that the price is cheap and wear-resistant, and it is more friendly to children and the elderly.

3. How Many Legs of Swivel Office Chair Base?

Generally 5 stars & 4 stars, that means 5 legs & 4 legs. Usually, we use 5 legs of the chair base. It’s more stable, strong.

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Swivel Office Chair Base Treatment:

Powder coating(can be any color), Chrome coating, Electroplating, Golden plating and Brushing

  1. Powder coating is widely used, because the color of spray can be chosen more, you can choose according to the color card.
  2. Chrome coating the surface treatment is bright chrome coating.
  3. The color of electroplating can be made, gray can also be gold and silver.
  4. The effect of brushing is as shown below. It is the color of the brighter metal itself. In order to prevent oxidation, it is best to spray a layer of transparent paint on it.

According to customer’s requirements, we can do a variety of colors as well as customized Swivel Office Chair Base involving various styles. Inquiries are welcome.

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