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For decades, Yontone exports mould, die castings, castings and machining parts to North America, Europe, Mid-east, South Asia, South America, receiving consistent praise from customers.
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One Stop Service for Your Casting Parts

Yontone is specializing in mold making, die casting, casting, and machining. The company has been engaged in mold design and production since the 1980s, expanding its operations to include die casting, casting, and machining parts.

From design to parts, Yontone offers clients the easiest way to make their ideas realistic. Yontone is committed to providing customers with comprehensive casting production and export services.


Die Casting Mould Designer

Yontone has its own team of mold designers proficient in the design of aluminum alloy die-casting mold and zinc alloy die-casting molds, with over eight years of die-casting experience. The designed molds are both reasonable and efficient.

aluminum die casting mold design mold flow stimulation
die casting mould making workshop

Die Casting Mold Manufacturer

Yontone is equipped with large-scale mold production equipment, such as wire cutting, machining centers, and electrical discharge machining, enabling the provision of high-precision die-casting molds for clients.


Aluminum Die Casting Service

Yontone supplies aluminum die casting parts made by 280ton – 2000ton die casting machine.

aluminum die casting
zinc die casting mold trial support services

Zinc Die Casting Supplier

Yontone supplies zinc die casting parts made by 28ton- 400ton hot chamber die casting machine.


Casting Service

Yontone supplies low pressure casting, gravity casting, sand casting and investment casting for aluminum, zinc, brass, steel, iron, ductile iron castings.

brass casting solutions
yontone designed hydraulic control fixture for cnc machining parts

CNC Machining Service

Yontone engineers design our own fixture for CNC machining. We provide CNC milling, turning, drilling, tapping, EDM, WEDM, laser cutting, engraving, etc services for die casting parts and casting parts.


Surface Treatment

Yontone provides surface treatment on castings and machining parts, like powder coating, painting, chrome coating, polishing, sand blasting, titanium plating, etc.

Powder coating

Some Products We Successfully Delivered

Material including but not limited to: ADC12, A380, ALSI9CU3, ZAMAK 3, ZAMAK 5, HP59-2, QT-500, HT-200, 6061, 7075 T6, ..... Manufacturer processes including but not limited to: mold, die casting, sand casting, gravity casting, low pressure casting, lost wax casting, machining, surface treatment.

Client's Satisfaction is Yontone's Pursuit

Yontone is committed to becoming a century-old enterprise, dedicated to providing customers with high-quality products and services.
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